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Isabella Martinez
New Media Certificate

New Media Certificate

The new media certificate, offered by the New Media Institute through Grady College, equips students with knowledge on emerging media and how to implement them in various fields. The purpose of the certificate is to teach students the necessary skills to to be technowledgeable.

Out of all the courses I have taken at UGA and Grady college, my favorite are ones from the new media certificate. I have gained skills I never thought I would, like learning how to program in HTML and CSS. Additionally, I have formed a deeper understanding and appreciation for web development and all it has to offer. The new media certificate has also given me the opportunity to hear from and meet amazing and insightful professionals in the communications field, from CEO’s to freelancers.

My favorite part about the New Media Institute is the kind and welcoming environment it has to offer. Although my certificate journey hasn’t been too long, I have already formed wonderful friendships that I know will last a lifetime.

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