Curator, Web Developer, Designer
Isabella Martinez
About Me

About Me

A bit more about me…

My name is Isabella, best known as Isa. Originally from Colombia, I live in vibrant Athens, GA, and am a proud University of Georgia grad student.

As an emerging media master’s student, I am passionate about exploring the intersection of technology and design. Committed to excellence, I achieve digital communication goals through project management, storytelling, front-end web development, UX design, & brand identity. 

I am known for high attention to detail, strong organizational skills, & effective schedule & time management to ensure project success.

My role as the curator and organizer for the annual TEDxUGA has given me vast experience in planning and executing an event, as well as drafting compelling stories that engage global audiences. TEDxUGA hosts 700+ annual guests, has released 138 TEDx Talks over 11 years, and has a worldwide audience of 6.4 million people. Creating these 18-minute stories that resonate with millions of people and change the lives of hundreds fills me with excitement!

A couple of my favorite TEDx Talks are Financial Empathy: Understanding the Story Beneath the Numbers by Michael Thomas and 10 Ways To Have a Better Conversation by Celeste Headlee.

With an undergraduate background in public relations, I am equipped to devise effective digital communication strategies. Check out my experience as the Marketing and Communications intern at Visit Athens, where my implementation of SEO strategies and trends achieved a record-high audience engagement on all social media accounts. 

I ignite my creativity and draw inspiration by engaging in activities such as yoga, meditation, crochet, and outdoor adventure! I have a deep love for physical and spiritual exercise and I’ve put it to the test by undertaking great challenges! I am most proud of my completion of El Camino de Santiago, a 500-mile thru-hike in Spain that tested my physical, emotional, and spiritual abilities to the fullest extent.  

I find joy in connecting with new people and embracing the diversity of perspectives – I would love to chat! Let’s connect. 

Life is about learning and having fun!