Curator, Web Developer, Designer
Isabella Martinez


In New Media Production I learned all of the essential skills of web development. Before I took this class, I didn’t have any experience coding or using Content Management Systems. Now, I am able to create fully functional and responsive websites. I learned how to code in HTML and CSS, how to use frameworks like Bootstrap, and how to operate Content Management systems like WordPress. Towards the end of the course I even learned how to read a bit of JavaScript. However, what I consider my most valuable gain from this course, is my current deep understanding and appreciation of how websites function and how much work from others it takes for us to be able access content on the internet, something we usually take for granted.

This course has equipped me with skills and knowledge that will help me succeed in the communications field, considering technology and emerging media are essential aspects of our daily life.

FYI, with the kills I gained in this course I was able to create the current website you’re scrolling through. New Media Production has been my all time favorite class up to date!