Curator, Web Developer, Designer
Isabella Martinez
New Media Industries

New Media Industries

New Media Industries, or better known as Digital Brown Bag, gives New Media students essential knowledge before entering the workforce. This was seminar-style course where we heard from various industry professionals during our class time. Each speakers was insightful and gave us advice on how to succeed in various industries. Digital Brown Bag gave me the opportunity to broaden my network while learning from amazing people.

Our first assignment in New Media Industries was to create a business card, which we were required to turn in at the beginning of each class to be marked present. Creating my business card allowed me to practice my design skills with Adobe InDesign. Additionally, I gave one to various guest speakers, which allowed me to broaden my network and gave me the possibility for future opportunities.

For this class we were required to complete three professional development assessments from a list of various options. Through these assessments I learned more about myself by forming a deeper understanding of my personality type, I learned how to effectively manage my credit, and I completed the Google Analytics beginner certification.

By the way, my personality type is ESFJ.

This was a very fun class, not only because I was able to meet amazing industry professionals, but also because I got know many of my peers and made new friendships!